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"Get out of the Minors with Major Industries"

Some Information on this Template

This template was created using Photoshop CS2 and Dreamweaver 8.

The template is formatted with CSS rather than tables. This means the HTML for the page is much lighter and less complex than if tables were used for formatting. It also gives you more control over formatting the page elements.

Here's something interesting - take a look at what this page looks like without the CSS formatting.

Dreamweaver 8 has really great facilities for creating and modifying pages formatted with CSS. I highly recommend upgrading if you have an earlier version.

However, it also means you'll need to have some understanding of CSS in order to make any major changes to the design. I hope this motivates you to look into CSS, since once you get over the learining curve CSS gives you a lot of power. Also, Dreamweaver 8 eases the transition to CSS, since you can create most styles using dialog boxes, rather than having to write them by hand and understand all the syntax and rules.

If you don't want to learn any CSS right now, though, no problem. Simply add some content to the site and use it as-is.

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Note: The company referenced in this site, "Major Industries" is fictitious, and is not meant to represent any company, public or private, now, in the past or future.