About Major Industries

The Menu

The menu along the top is created and formatted with CSS, including the rollovers. The rollovers are done by using a different background image and font color in the style setup for "a:hover" (which is activated when the mouse rolls over the link). This technique does a good job of simulating javascript image rollovers but with much less code and complication.

This menu contains six menu links. If you need fewer menu items, simply remove the text in the box, and the rollover function in that box will stop working. The highlighted menu item for the active page is implemented by creating a style for the id "chosen", and in that style using a darker background image (actually the same image as is used for the rollovers). I then give the link for the active page an id of "chosen", which activates the style.

The Graphics

The supporting graphics for this site were created in Photoshop CS2. The layered, organized and labeled file is provided as part of this template. You may or may not have the fonts used to create the header graphic - but you'll need to add your own logo and text anyway so just go ahead and make the changes using a font you have on your system. I've also provided an alternate page design with a blank header here - you can use this design to add your own HTML text to the header bar if you like.

Note: The company referenced in this site, "Major Industries" is fictitious, and is not meant to represent any company, public or private, now, in the past or future.