BRAIN-STORMING MATERIAL For Directors and Producers of HAiR
and inquisitive performers

Before the run of HAiR at Pentacle Theatre, there were pages of production notes not open to the public, intended as they were for the show's production staff.

With the thought that these pages may now be of some use to other companies during the pre-production phase of their HAiR productions, I am now providing links to this material.

Keep in mind, none of this is intended as a "definitive" description of "how" to do HAiR. They are, instead, records of some of the things we worked with as we developed our own version of the show.

Important Philosphical Statement re: HAiR

If you, the reader, has had the impression that one final and definitive version of doing HAiR on stage exists---I hope you can cleanse yourself of that preconception.

HAiR, as it exists on paper, which is the starting point for all theatrical creations, is a collection of lyrics, notes, some dialogue, and scanty stage directions. It is a scenario on which to base your own unique vision of HAiR. As long as you are honest in your mission, and have a fierce love of the material, you will be guided to your own version of HAiR which will stand by itself as a one-of-a-kind staging of what is already a one-of-a-kind musical.

Looking through these pages can give you a better idea of the power the internet offers for mounting local theatre productions in your own area.

NOTE: These pages have very specific technical notations as first conceptualized by the director. These notes were given to the heads of each department and in turn interpreted by them. What was eventually seen in The Pentacle production sometimes varied greatly from these director's notes---hence their designation as "preliminary notes."

The "consent form" was something required by the theatre's attorney due to his legal concern over the theatre doing a "controversial show" which included minors in the cast. If you appreciate irony, I suggest you read that page especially. All the minors who ended up being cast in the show and who needed to take a copy of this form to their parents, reported that their parents got a good laugh over it.

The production pages

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  • Online announcement of positions open on the HAiR production staff
  • Preliminary Choreography Notes
  • Preliminary Costume Notes
  • Preliminary Lighting Notes
  • Preliminary Prop Notes
  • Preliminary Band Rehearsal Notes part one
  • Preliminary Band Rehearsal Notes part two
  • Sound Cues
  • Director's outline for the orientation meeting before the first read-through
  • Notes To The Tribe about rehearsing effectively
  • Parental Consent Form for minors cast in the show

    NOTE: Tony Zandol, the Pentacle's Technical Director and chief collaborator on the set design for HAiR was not online during the show, so website notes for set concepts are skant and not included here.

    Strands of HAiR