Photo Album Part Four

Set and Costume shots

rose petals on the street

Front curtain with audience (B&W)

Full cast on set (B&W)

House of Senex first floor (B&W)

House of Senex balcony (B&W)

Stage Left Street Scene

Stage Left backdrop side view

Erronius's House

Kilroy was here

Plautus Pizza (B&W)

Stage Right Street Scene

Domina graffiti

The House of Lycus

mural detail (The "Heart" girl)

Peace graffiti (B&W)

The bench

Mask of Comedy

The chariot pre-set

Chariot right side view

Chariot right side detail

Chariot demon tongue and soldier

Miles's vanity plate

MGM Lion on the standard

The Protean Tabards


Servant Tabard--front

Servant Tabard--back

Pirate Tabard

Eunuch Tabard backstage

The "dress maker" Eunuch Tabard

Soldier Tabard--front

Soldier Tabard--back

rose petals swept up on closing night

On to backstage pictures!


Go forth!

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