Photo Album Part Five

Backstage Shots

Audience coming down the path to get on the waiting list for another sold out performance

Louise Larsen--the production's co-designer

Tom Taylor (follow spot) at the Pentacle sign

Cec Koontz (House Manager) with the director's tickets

Robin Bower (Stage Manager) and Kathy O'Neil (follow spot) setting the front curtain

Reuben Sampson painting Carrie Wood's butt--er, body

Alan Khunly practicing his "pretty Roman" pose (?)

David Cristobal and Larry Roach getting dressed

Tom Ulmer--heavy on the makeup

Carrie putting on her face

Sheree Ross flexing, Brooke Tosdale painting her face

Heather Heartt

Pat Harle

Heidi Anderson

Benny Bower

Brooke Tosdale

Reuben's gold butt

Fertility goddess on closing night

Frank Fullerton's Candid Shots

Dr. Bowser inspects the balcony on move-in day

Josh hanging the "face" doors

Sheree, Carrie, Heidi in the dressing room

The first Egyptian wig

Jeff Baer

Erin Sutherland and Jacob Tawney going up to the stage

Director at his tech rehearsal station

Audience leaving after the show


Go forth!

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