Photo Album Part Three

Lycus Mural


A modest Hero

As magnificent as that?!

ERRONIUS (Benny Bower)

Chariot exit

Senex in his bath

Gymnasia the warrior--one

Gymnasia the warrior--two

What KIND of potion?!

I'll enfold him

"Dirty Old Man

I entertained over 200 officers

A body!

Something smells divine!

Virgin on the roof


"That'll Show Him"

Hysterium disguised as Philia

Hysterium warms up to the idea

"Lovely Reprise"

The world will never be the same!

The soldiers see the body

Poor girl!

Professional mourners

"The Funeral"

The simple pleasures of war!

She died of an illness contracted on Crete

After her men!

Instant eunuchs #2

cat fight

Pseudolus as a eunuch

Hot cha cha cha!

You've been so distant these past 29 years

Why do older men find me so attractive?

I'm this old man's baby daughter!

Release that man!

Death scene


Lovers divided get coincided

A tragedy tonight!

I get the twins

...what is the moral?

Morals tomorrow!

Curtain Call part One---Curtain Call part two

Go on to set and costume pictures!


Go forth!

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