Photo Album Part Two

Philia and Hero


Dancing heads

A cherub (Scott Reichlin)

"Pretty Little Picture"

Tragic lovers

The potion book

Take me!!

A thousand thanks

Sir, you're back!

"Everybody Ought To Have a Maid"

Roman kick line

Everything is going to be fine

"I'm Calm"

Think about sheep!

The Protean Sailors

A strange little boy


Ho there! (Jeff Baer)

Wait! Yes! No! Wait!

Roman soldiers

The contract

Tintinabula and Vibrata

I told them I am Lycus

A smart salute

Instant eunuchs

Gymnasia and a eunuch

Do we really need these eunuchs?

There's so much of you there!

Vocational attitudes!

Miles Gloriosus (Reuben Sampson) in his chariot

Sharp turn

The cherub parking meter

Miles's mace

Look at that heel!

"I have no time to lose"

"Bring Me My Bride"


Pompous laughter

She primps and preens

Naughty shields


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Go forth!

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