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Randy Bowser

Since November, 2006, many of my musical works have been posted on the best website for musicians online - The Garritan Forum.
The music I have posted at the Forum has always featured the software instrument libraries developed by industry leader Gary Garritan:
-Garritan Personal Orchestra (GPO)
-Jazz and Big Band
-Concert and Marching Band
-The Stradivari Violin
-The Gofriller Cello
-The Authorized Steinway
On the MUSIC tab of the nagivation bar below is the history of that period when I was able to post so many of my projects.  The MP3s may be considered demos of my abilities to produce recordings, arrange music, compose music, and perform music.
MORE MUSIC is where new works are being posted.
Collaborating online is a process I am comfortable with.  I look forward to hearing from musicians, songwriters, and producers who may be interested in involving me in their projects.
Randy Bowser


Randy Bowser wrote the book, music and lyrics for "DORIAN - The Remarkable Mister Gray" soon to open in Moscow, Russia

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The Music of Randy Bowser