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Affirmations For Actors

40 years of intensive involvement with the American community theatre scene have given me many of the peak experiences in my life.

Let me share ideas and observations that I hope will help inspire you in your theatrical endeavors.

The FIRST "theatre rap" in this series touches on some of the challenges of being actors and directors in amateur theatre.

The SECOND "theatre rap" continues with advice and information for actors and directors.

The THIRD installment goes back to basics with "Theatre 101" aimed at newbies and as a brush-up for those with experience.

The FOURTH installment is a fun quiz for amateur actors.

The FIFTH rap is a thought provoking quiz aimed at directors.

Using Affirmations

At auditions, in rehearsals, before going on stage to perform; use affirmations to center yourself and be the sincere, expressive and vibrant actor you are meant to be.

The technique of using affirmations can be very simple to use, but powerful in results.

Breathing deeply, slowly, and at regular intervals, close your eyes and say your affirmations silently to yourself.

You are peacefully separating yourself from the clutter and bustle of back stage, reconnecting with your Higher Self and grounding yourself in strong, focused humility.

You are not "praying in public" like a Pharisee. You are collecting your energies with the help of affirmations which the atoms of your body will hear and respond to.

While affirmations are a "spiritual" tool, they do not require the individual to have any particular "religious" beliefs. The only "faith" required is belief that you, like every human being, have the potential to be a magnificent actor.

Here are ideas for affirmations. Adapt them, create your own, and use them.

Randy Bowser

FEEL FREE TO SEND EMAIL to offer your thoughts. The intention is for these pages of "theatre raps" to explore as many topics as possible re: Making community theatre GREAT! ~~Randy Bowser