composer of METROPOLIS


Joseph Brooks--Composer, Writer, Director, Producer

Winner of the Academy Award, The Grammy, The Golden Globe, The People's Choice, The American Music Award, Numerous Platinum and Gold albums and singles, 21 Clio Awards (The Oscar for Advertising), and The Golden Palm Award given at The Cannes Film Festival, Seven Five other advertising awards, Multi ASCAP awards for Pop and Country music.

Wrote, Directed and Produced the motion picture "You Light Up My Life" for Columbia Pictures. Also wrote and arranged the score of the movie and wrote the title song, which according to Billboard Magazine was the most successful single record in the history of recorded music. The movie, produced at a cost of less than a million dollars, has grossed in excess of twenty five million dollars, which in today's market would be the equivalent of seventy million dollars.

Produced the original sound track recording, and also wrote and produced the album for Debby Boone which contained the hit single. The Debby Boone album sold in excess of 3 million copies and the soundtrack sold platinum.

Composer, Lyricist, of the music for "The Lords of Flatbush", which stars Sylvester Stallone and Henry Winkler in their first motion picture. Largest investor in the motion picture as well. Produced for under $400,000 dollars, the film has grossed in excess of $12 million dollars, which in today∆s market would have exceeded fifty million dollars.

Composer for the Academy Award winning films, "The Garden of the Finzi-Continis" and "Marjoe" which won Best Foreign Film and "Best Documentary,"respectively.

Conducted The New York Philharmonic Orchestra and The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra for motion picture scoring.

Produced and Directed "Invitation To The Wedding," which starred Sir John Gielgud and Sir Ralph Richardson.

Composer of numerous hit songs and records by Debby Boone, Roberta Flack, Tom Jones, and many other including the number one song in England, "My Ship Is Coming In" recorded by The Walker Brothers.

Composer, Co-Lyricist, Co-Producer of "Metropolis" the musical which was presented at the Picadilly Theater in London, England. The show has enjoyed continued enormous success in regional theaters as well as in college and high school productions.

Composer and Lyricist and Music Producer for the most successful music in the advertising industry (see separate list) with over 300 campaigns and arrangements including: Pepsi, Coke, American Airlines, Maxwell House, Dial, Metropolitan Life, Diet Pepsi, Dr. Pep-per, RCA, Polaroid, Gulf Oil Corporation, TWA, Canada Dry, American Express, Chevrolet, Pillsbury, Volkswagen, and many others.

Mr. Brooks is listed in Who's Who in America and Who's Who in the World.

Television and Radio Commercials
National and International Awards

21 Clio Awards (The Academy Award of the Advertising Industry), 14 International Awards for Excellence, Winner of the Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival for Best Music and Lyrics for Television Commercials: Over 100 other awards. Composed Music and Lyrics and Produced more than 400 commercials. Created many of the major advertising campaigns as well.

It has been estimated that over a half a billion dollars in media was spent to air this music.

Articles about Mr. Brooks have appeared in the N.Y. Times, N.Y. Daily News, (Four page story with pictures in the Sunday Magazine Section) Time Magazine, Newsweek, People Magazine, New York Magazine, L.A. Times, and many other publications.

Award Winners:

Pepsi "You Got A Lot To Live" Best National Television Campaign, Best National Radio Campaign, Best Music With Lyrics, Best Soft Drink

Dr. Pepper "So Misunderstood" - Best National Television Campaign, Best National Radio Campaign, Best Regional Campaign, Best Soft Drink, Best Music With Lyrics

Maxwell House "Good To The Last Drop Feeling" - Best National Television Campaign, Best Music With Lyrics (Ray Charles: Vocalist)

American Airlines "Good To Know You're On American" Best National Campaign, Best National Radio Campaign, Best Travel, Best Music With Lyrics.

Coca Cola "Things Go Better With Coke" Best International Television Campaign, Best International Soft Drink, Best International Music (Mary Hopkin: Vocalist Mary Hopkin had the number one song with "Those Were The Days")

Polaroid "It Was Such A Good Day" Best National Television Campaign. Best Music With Lyrics. ( This song was extended and recorded by Debby Boone in her first album which sold over four million copies to date)

U.S. Anti Drug Campaign "God Save The Soul of A Boy Bound For Glory" Best National Television Campaign, Best National Radio Campaign, Best Public Service, Best Music With Lyrics. (This song was later re-arranged and produced by Mr. Brooks as the title song for the motion picture "Marjoe" which won the Academy Award for Best Documentary)

Dial "Aren't You Glad You Use Dial" Best National Television Campaign, Best National Radio Campaign, Best Music With Lyrics (Valerie Simpson: Vocalist)

Metropolitan Life "The Future Is Now" Best National Television Campaign, Best Insurance and Banking, Best Music With Lyrics

The following received Best Product Category and or Best Music Awards

Diet Pepsi
Campbell's Soup
Mercedes Benz
Quaker Oats
Gulf Oil
Eastern Airlines
American Dairy Association

Other Commercials

Coca Cola
Pizza Hut
Pepsi Light
Equitable Life
Canada Dry
Dove Soap
Pabst Beer
Schlitz Beer
West Point Pepperell
Schmidt's Beer
Ivory Snow
American Express
Inglenook Wine
Hills Brother Coffee
Michelob Beer
Coffee Growers Assoc.
Continental Airlines
American Gas Assoc.
Johnson's Baby Powder
Fanta Tab
Mattel Toys
Texas Bank
Bank of Wisconsin
Old Milwaukee Beer
National Airlines
Rheingold Beer
Muriel Cigars
Mr. Pibb
Royal Crown Cola
Brim Coffee
Clairol Herbal Essence
Polaroid SX 70 Pronto
And others

Composed, Arranged and Produced by Joseph Brooks

1. Pepsi - "You Got A Lot To Live"

2. Dr. Pepper "So Misunderstood"

3. Maxwell House "Good To The Last Drop Feeling"

4. American Airlines "Good To Know You're On American"

5. Dr. Pepper "Listen To Your Mouth"

6. Metropolitan Life "The Future Is Now"

7. Dial "Aren't You Glad You Use Dial"

8. U.S. Anti Drug Campaign "God Save The Soul"

10. Coca Cola "Across This Land"

11. Sugar Free Dr. Pepper "You Can Drink A Lot of It"

12. Polaroid "It Was Such A Good Day"

13. Pepsi "Taste That Pepsi Feeling"

14. Pan Am "America's Airline To The World"

15. Coca Cola -Mary Hopkin-

16. Eastern Airlines "Smiling Faces, Going Places"

17. Fritos "Life's More Fun"

18. Midas Mufflers "Better Get To Midas"

19. Pizza Hut "Let Yourself Go"

20. Campbell's Soup "The Heart of America"

21. Clairol -Herbal Essence-

22. Gulf Oil "A Little Bit Further"

23. Pepsi Light "When Your Heart Is Light"

24. K-Mart "Quality at Discount Prices"

25. Mr. Pibb "Have A Pibb Mister"

26. Amoco "Changing Our Name"

27. TWA "What Travel Should Be"

28. Muriel Cigars "Tough To Put A Muriel Down"

29. Pan AM "The World's Most Experienced Airline"

30. Sanka "Third Largest Coffee In America"

31. Eastern Airlines "Be My Wings"

32. Schlitz Beer "America's Gusto"

33. Canada Dry "Dry It Up With Canada Dry"

34. Ivory Snow "Ivory Snow Baby"

35. Pabst Beer "Good Old Time Flavor"

36. Jell-O "Make Someone Jell-O"

37. Chevrolet "Vega"

38. Chevrolet "Edge of Tomorrow"

39. Volkswagen "Few Things In Life"

40. Wink "Can't Get Enough Wink"

41. Dove Soap "Soft Skin"

42. Equitable Life "It's A Wonderful Life"

Mr. Brooks worked directly with Pentacle director Randy Bowser on the newest version of METROPOLIS in preparation for his show's Broadway opening.