Photos from the Pentacle Theatre production of "Forum"

directed by

Randy Bowser

follow the links for a photographic outline of the production and use your "back" button after visiting each photo

Paint by numbers

Welcome to Rome--have some grapes!

Pseudolus (David Cristobal)

"Comedy Tonight"

Stolen in infancy by pirates

Nothing for kings


PHILIA (Erin Sutherland)

HYSTERIUM and DOMINA (Tom Ulmer and Pat Harle)

Slaves with luggage (Alan Kuhnly, Scott Reichlin, Jeff Baer)

The bust of Domina

SENEX (Larry Roach)

HERO (Jacob Tawney)

"Love I Hear"



LYCUS (Dave Davis)

LYCUS and a Eunuch (Alan Kuhly)

Was 'one' a good year?

Portraits of The Courtesans

Pseudolus sizes up Panacea (Sheree Ross)

TINTINABULA (Heidi Anderson)

PANACEA (Sheree Ross)

THE GEMINAE (Heather Heartt and Brooke Tosdale)

VIBRATA (Carrie Wood)

GYMNASIA (Evann Remington)

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