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Below is the casting notice as originally posted

Auditions for "Forum" are on Saturday, January 20th, 1:00 in the Pentacle Theatre lobby.

Prepare ONE MINUTE (verse and chorus) of an upbeat song from any Broadway musical including "Forum."

All ladies auditioning for Courtesans will be asked to learn a simple and brief dance routine as part of auditions.

There will be readings from the script.

Callbacks will be the next day at the same time only if needed.


People of all nationalities are encouraged to audition

PSEUDOLUS--Baritone, playful comic ringmaster of the show

THE PROTEANS--Baritone and Tenor, clowning, omnipresent "chorus"

SENEX--Baritone, aging master of the house

DOMINA--Mezzo, his overbearing wife

HERO--Tenor, their handsome, innocent son

HYSTERIUM--Baritone, hapless fellow slave to Pseudolus

LYCUS--Baritone, oily buyer and seller of Courtesans

PHILIA--Soprano, lovely but vacant virginal Courtesan Hero falls in love with

ERRONIUS--doddering old man

MILES GLORIOSUS--Baritone, pompous vain warrior

GYMNASIA--Alto or Soprano, Courtesan Pseudolus falls in love with

TINTINNABULA--Alto or Soprano, a Courtesan

PANACEA--Alto or Soprano, a Courtesan

VIBRATA--Alto or Soprano, a Courtesan

THE GEMINAE--Alto or Soprano, two Courtesans of similar height and build

Rehearsals begin on January 29th and are projected to be held Monday through Thursday 6:30-9:30.

SHOW RUNS APRIL 20 through MAY 12

Get in the mood---click on the speaker for a "Comedy Tonight" MIDI.

Click on the second speaker to hear a bit of "Comedy Tonight" from the original Broadway cast album!

Feel free to email the director, Randy Bowser, by clicking on the Roman Soldier.


Go forth!
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