Casual Conversations on Composing
Composition part two-page three
Composition part two

For the chorus, as with the choruses of all songs, I needed a change of pace—a lift, a heightening of energy.  What developed was a shift into Major chords before returning to the Minor chords and feel of the verses.  Also, after the classical “logical” chords used in the verse structure, I wanted to venture into chords outside of the ones that would be used in a completely traditionally structured song.
Here is the entire chorus:


As always, I needed to write phrases that followed each other pleasingly, and so I let my instincts be the guide as I wrote new phrases and their responses.
Notice that the chorus has a suspended feeling, and that it will lead back in perfectly to a third verse.
Now that we’ve looked at the details of a specific song, we’re ready to start expanding the arrangement, beginning with making choices of which instruments will be used.