an alternate poster used when the film was first released

Here is a potpourri of "Metropolis" images---some from the original film, others from the modern pop culure.

As is easily gathered from elsewhere on this site, the robot and other images from the film have become icons in our international culture, even when the story and details about the film may remain obscure to some people who are attracted to the movie's legendary graphics.

A remarkable modern recreation of "Parody" "Futura" "The False Maria"

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More images:

modern alertnative CD with a Metropolis theme
The following four links are to beautiful period sepia tone postcards featuring some of the excellent still camera work done on the set of "Metropolis"

Tim Burton's "Batman," with its Gothic/Futuristic city, was consciously inspired by "Metropolis."

The ending sequence in the cathedral was taken straight from the "Metropolis" script, with Joker as Rotwang, Vicki as Maria, and Batman as Freder.

Poster for "Blade Runner" which features a super-city directly descended from "Metropolis"

Freder at the Clock Machine--the film's brilliant metaphor for the dehumanizing labor the enslaved workers are forced to endure

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