magazine spread showing the super-city to the left, and "Martian chous girls" on the lower right

Lost and living only in film history books (though there supposedly exists a bad quality 16mm print on a dusty shelf somewhere in Hollywood)--"Just Imagine" seems to have been an extremely hip movie for its time.

Big budget afforded lavish sets and props, including the ultimate Art Deco spaceship later made famous in "Flash Gordon."

For a film in 1930 to already be able to satirize the science fiction craze which was actually in its infancy---that's showing some forward thinking!

These images are offered here as yet another look at the kind of ripples "Metropolis" sent out in the cinematic world. The super city in "Just Imagine" isn't quite as fanastic looking as the one it's emulating, but the designers obviously were trying to top "Metropolis" which at the time was only two years old.

Forrest J. Ackerman, mentioned elsewhere on this site as the world's leading science fiction fan and authority, has a soft spot in his heart for "Just Imagine" almost as tender as he does for "Metropolis."

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