Cast of characters


John Freeman age 45 through 70's the city's mastermind (baritone)
Steven age 18 to 30 his son (tenor)
Maria/Futura age 18 to 25 spiritual leader of the workers/The Robot (alto)
Warner age 40 through 70's scientist who creates Futura (baritone)
Jeremiah age 25 through 50's Freeman's Lieutenant (high baritone)
George age 18 to 30 a worker (high baritone)
Grot age 30 through 60's the machine room Foreman (baritone)
Jade age 18 to 30 a worker (soprano)
Lake a chld age 7 to 15 (boy or girl)
Marco age 18 to 40 a worker (baritone)
Lulu age 18 to 30 an elitist (dancer)

children, approximately six, age range 7-13

workers and elitists, approximately 10, age range 18-70's

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