1. Electric Blues (L9)
4/4. This version fades out, but the song will actually end with an explosion as in cut #14. The opening softer section needs to sound more like the Mommas and Poppas.

2. Oh Great God of Power (FH)
4/4 majestically slow. The tympani is something we definitely want.

3. Manchester England (OBC)
4/4. A short straight reprise.

4. Black Boys (OBC)
4/4. Alternate on cut #15.

5. White Boys (OBC)
4/4. Actually "attacca" from "Black Boys." Alternate cuts #16 and 17.

6. Walking In Space (OBC)
4/4, slow, with tempo changes. Alternates on cuts #18 and 19.

NOTE: Nos. 35, 36, 37, 38 are brief improvisational sections not on the recording but in the score.

7. Abie Baby (OBC)
4/4. Alternate on cut #20.

8. Give Up All Desire (R and L9)
3/4, later4/4. This recording is an amalgamation of a demo done by Ragni which comes close but not precisely to the score. Follows is "The War" instrumental segment which accompanies a battle scene done with strobe lights.

NOTE: "Roll Call" and "Children's Games" are brief sections of "The War" not on any HAiR recordings.

9. 3-5-0-0 (L9)
4/4, slow. This has more dramatic dynamics than the original recording, and is why it's our guide. The original is on cut #21 which features a great Hendrix opening guitar that we want.

10. What A Piece Of Work Is Man/How Dare They Try (L9)

11. Good Morning Starshine (OBC)
4/4. Cut #25 has some interesting chord substitutions.

12. The Bed/Aquarius Goodnights/Ain't Got No (L9, OBC and J)
4/4. It's crucial that this section maintains a pulsing rhythm even during brief dialogue segments. This recording is of three different performances, including the Japanese version of Claude's "Ain't Got No", which is the best. This way, what is written in the score is best approximated.

13.The Flesh Failures (L9) 4/4, with changes--The finale of the show which includes "Let The Sunshine In." There are alternate versions on cuts #22, 23, and 24. Our version of "Sunshine" will start very softly with a solo voice.

"EXIT MUSIC" in the score is an instrumental version of "Hair" which may or may not use.


14. Electric Blues (OBC)

15. Black Boys (L9)

16. White Boys (L9)

17. White Boys (F)

18. Walking In Space (F)

19. Walking In Space (L9)

20. Abie Baby (L9)

21. 3-5-0-0 (OBC)

22. Flesh Failures (OBC)

23. Flesh Failures (F)

24. Flesh Failures (G)

25. Good Morning Starshine (G)

26. Manhattan Berger (DIS)--included as a guide for the performer playing Berger.