PROPS FOR "HAiR" 5/5/00

NOTE: Everything must look to be circa 1968.


...white and yellow daisies
...incense sticks
...Be-In flyers
...water color sets
...2 large mirrors
(all the above used by The Tribe improvisationally with the audience as they arrive. Flyers and daisies also needed in "Be-In")


p.7 brazier w/fire effect--CRISSY

p.7 white rectangular cloth (under brazier)--CRISSY

p.7 Indian blanket--SHEILA

p.7 washtub--TRIBE

p.7 silver pitcher--TRIBE

p.7 huge scissors--Stage Hand to BERGER

p.7 lock of hair--BERGER

p.11 rosary beads--BERGER

p.12 Indian clay pot--TRIBE GIRL

p.12 ray gun water pistol--TRIBE GIRL

p.12 bag of plant seeds--WOOF

p.12 5' wooden pole with African motifs--BERGER and BOY

p.12 teddy bear, smallish--BERGER

p.13 "mud" and chicken feathers--TWO GIRLS

p.14 large watering can--ONE OF MUD GIRLS

p.17 garbage can lids--TRIBE

p.17 poster, one side "Beautify America" (picture of a hippie couple) other side "Lay Don't Slay"--HUD

p.18 bullhorn--SHEILA

p.19 4' burning cross (crepe paper)--KKK

p.20 20 protest signs (list in script)--TRIBE

p.20 card and cigarette lighter (flint)--CLAUDE

p.21 gas mask--JEANIE

p.23 Gorilla mask--CLAUDE

p.23 stack of newspapers and magazines (London Times pre-set on top)--CLAUDE

p.23 Hoover upright vacuum cleaner--JEANIE

p.23 3 black white tipped canes--BERGER, WOOF, APACHE

p.23 duffle bag, British flag material--CLAUDE
NOTE: contents for bag as in Act Two OR less fragile substitutes.

p.23 tambourine--CLAUDE

p.24 dust mop--MOM 2

p.24 feather duster--MOM 3

p.25 big rubber cigar--DAD 1

p.25 beer can necklace--DAD 2

p.25 rolled newspaper--DAD 3

p.26 3 letters in envelopes--MOMS

p.29 5' LBJ head--STAGE HAND

p.29 6 life-size Origami Doves wired to black sticks, all pre-set inside LBJ head--STAGE HAND

p.30 nudist magazine--WOOF

bottle for pills (groovy looking)--BERGER

p.32 3 Hitler moustaches--PRINCIPALS

p.34 loose bouqet of white daisies--CLAUDE

p.35 New York Times--HUD

p.35 wallet with cards inside--CLAUDE

p.37 "East Village Other" (tabloid paper)--HUD

p.38 thick glasses--HUBERT

p.38 purse (w/next 2 props pre-set inside)--MARGARET

p.38 business card (eatable?)--MARGARET

p.39 notepad and pen--MARGARET

p.39 protest sign "Down With Everything"--TRIBE

p.42 camera (Polaroid Swinger?)--HUBERT

p.44 backpack, new looking, covered with peace symbols and other stickers--SHEILA

p.44 yellow "satin" break-away shirt (pre-set in backpack)

p.46 paper napkins--CLAUDE

p.48 babydoll--BERGER

p.48 8'x9' cotton parade version of American flag with yellow fringe--CLAUDE

p.49 (and earlier) 1', 2', 3' versions of marijuana plant to appear in the Indian pot

p.49 backpack, tattered--JEANIE

p.49 old book pre-set in backpack

p.50 parachute, tie-dyed--CLAUDE

p.50 "joint"--JEANIE

p.53 colored streamers on sticks--TRIBE

p.56 "draft cards" for all men--TRIBE GUYS

p.56 daffodils--SHEILA

p.56 "flaming" barrel--TRIBE moves on

p.58 wallter with I.D. badge--MAN IN BLACK


p.59 Victrola with horn, 78 record--pre-set

p.59 bathtub with claw feet, painted yellow--TRIBE

p.59 psychedelic sign "The Intergalactic Bathtub" mounted in bathtub

p.59 megaphone--CROONER

p.59 banners (to be determined)--TRIBE

p.60 flashlights--TRIBE

p.60 4th of July sparklers--TRIBE

p.60 electric guitar (breakable)--BERGER

p.60 gun holster with gardening shears--MAN IN BLACK

p.61 wind chimes--TRIBE

p.61 fishing net painted with day-glo blue--TRIBE

p.62 large sponges--TRIBE GIRLS

p.62 British flag pre-set in Claude's duffel bag from Act One

p.62 Mick Jagger poster, sturdy, pre-set in duffel bag

(the tambourine and Gorilla mask from Act One pre-set in duffel bag)

p.67 baggie with "grass"--BERGER

p.68 Hooka, large, with stems for everyone--BERGER

p.68 "Saucerman" mask--HUD

p.68 Devil mask--BERGER

p.70 5 parachute backpacks--WOOF and 2 SOLDIERS, HUD, CLAUDE

p.70 4 army helmets--all SOLDIERS except Claude p.71 2 M-1 rifles--SOLDIER (and later, CLAUDE and SNIPER)

p.71 Horse mask, nightmarish--TRIBE

p.71-74 Signs to hang around necks:

p.71 toy snare drum--WOOF

p.72 4 toy bow and arrow sets, large rubber tips--INDIANS

p.72 4 toy headdresses--INDIANS

p.72 false beard--GRANT

p.72 whiskey bottle--GRANT

p.73 handle bar moustache--BOOTH

p.73 large false ears--GABLE

p.73 fan--SCARLETT

p.73 large blonde moustache--CUSTER (Jeanie)

p.74 2 blow guns--AFRICANS

p.74 2 spears, colorful with feathers--AFRICANS

p.74 2 Witch Doctor masks--AFRICANS

p.75 switchblade--HUD

p.76 19th century pistol--BOOTH

p.77 gasoline can--SHEILA

p.77 2 fire plumes--BUDDHADALIRAMA

p.77 3 rosaries--NUNS

p.78 3 space helmets--ASTRONAUTS

p.78 3 ray guns--ASTRONAUTS

p.78 3 clown heads--CLOWNS

p.78 3 giant rubber hammers--CLOWNS

p.78 army jacket on hangar--MOM and DAD

p.79 blank white masks--ALL

p.79 pink hula hoop--DEATH

p.82 small jar of day-glo paint--CLAUDE

p.85 5" stars made of puffy cloth, dangling from poles--STAGE HAND

p.86 mattress with floral covering--TRIBE GUYS

p.87 "people tube" made from hula hoops and pink cloth--TRIBE

p.87 white balloons--TRIBE

p.87 confetti--TRIBE

p.88 army helmet--CLAUDE

p.88 "blood" ribbons


...bongos and other hand drums
...pots and pans
...toy ratchets
...toy flutes
...conch shells
...Minute Men "Don't Tread On Me" flag

p.89 drum sticks wrapped in colored tape--BERGER

p.91 box with clumps of Claude's hair inside, large label dangling says "For Berger"--CRISSY