Parental Consent Form

The musical HAiR by Rado Ragni and MacDermot is currently being produced at The Pentacle Theatre in Salem, Oregon.

Without any implied agreement on the Theatre's part, it is hereby acknowledged that some material in HAiR is potentially objectionable to some people.

With this understanding, it is agreed that if HAiR was a modern film, it would have an "R" rating.

With these above points in mind, it is acknowledged that for people under the age of eighteen to be involved in the production of HAiR, written consent must be secured from the parents or guardians of all minors.

The following is an attempt to make all parents or guardians of minors aware of the exact content of HAiR which may possibly be considered objectionable and the reason it has been decided this consent form is necessary.

Page numbers of the script are referred to, in the hopes of motivating all parents or guardians to inspect the script thoroughly.

Let it be added that these "objectionable" sections of the show are not what the production will focus on. The Pentacle's Board of Directors feel that HAiR will be nostaglic, entertaining, educational, and inspirational for its audiences, and is confidant that a positive message will be what The Pentacle's patrons take home with them after seeing the show.

Possibly Objectionable Material In HAiR
Page 10--List of drugs the characters are interested in.
Page 11--Satirical scene poking fun at the Catholic mass.
Page 12--List of terms to describe sexual activities, sung as a satirical jab at how people
Page 13--Black character using racial slurs about himself to deflate the "ammunition" of bigots.
Page 19--Mockery of the KKK.
Page 29--Mention of LSD.
Page 31--Kidding about getting the Pope stoned.
Page 33--Depiction of High School Principal as Hitler.
Page 35--Advocacy of dodging the military draft.
Page 43--Male in drag portraying middle aged woman.
Page 49--"Don't Put It Down" pokes fun at people idolizing a flag.
Page 50--Advocacy of smoking grass.
Page 56--Draft card burning.
Page 57--Suggestion of nudity. NOTE--NO actual nudity is in the production.
Page 65-66--"Black Boys" and "White Boys" are songs teasing the public's discomfort with the personal attraction between people of different races.
Page 68-81--Scene in which the characters get high, with a strong anti-war slant to the scene.
Page 84--The suggestion that the characters have multiple sex partners.
Page 86-87--"The Bed" is a frisky song about everything that can be done in bed. Use of the word "cock."
Page 89--Death of Claude as a strong anti-war statement.

With the understanding that the above things are not the primary focus of the show, and that The Pentacle does not imply approval of any of the characters' behavior in HAiR, I feel that with proper parental guidance, I can let my child be in the show's cast.

am the parent or legal guardian of _____________
and consent to my child being in the cast of HAiR.