A montage of music from

The Remarkable
Mister Gray

a portrait in music by Randy Bowser

based on the novel "The Picture of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde

"Dorian" is a full-length dramatic musical. Over the last year and a half, I have re-written and re-orchestrated material which was previously produced in workshop form in Los Angeles. "Variety," the daily show business newspaper, reviewed that event, saying it "...could be the next 'Sweeney Todd.'"

Several possibilites exist for the future of the new "Dorian." At present, I am interested in testing the material on an audience.

As explained in the email to you, I am first mounting a simple concert version of the show, and am hoping you can make room for this project in your schedule during October, 2005. From among the Salem performers I've worked with, you are one of the first I've wanted to contact with this proposal.

Reiterating something else from the email, the majority of prep work would need to be done on your own, familiarizing yourself with the songs and script using materials I will provide. The "virtual rehearsal pianst" will help immensely. With a hand full of get-togethers/rehearsals in October, we will be able to put on this spare, but sufficient production.

The music, and what good singers/actors can bring to it will be the focus of this trial run.

Below is a link to "Savefile," a free service for sharing MP3 files online. When you click the link you will be taken to their site and will be asked to type in a password, which is "wilde." Click "download" and you will be taken to a second page with a few ads, under which you need to click "download" again.

As always with files online, you will have the choice to either open or save the file. "Savefile" is completley safe to use, so don't hesitate to use either option. It took approximately 8 minutes for me to download the MP3 file from the site, when I did a test run. Once the file is open, you can play the 6 minute demo as many times as you want, as long as the Media Player is open on your screen. If you have saved the file, then obviously you can refer to the demo later as often as you wish.

NOTE: This is a medium-quality MP3 which degrades the sound. We will perform to a playback of CD quality "wav" files.

NOTE: I have sung all the parts on this demo, with my humble little singing voice, so please use your imagination.

This demo consists of brief passages from several songs, intended to give you an idea of the show's flavor and style.



1. Passage from "Prelude."
2. A Chorus section from "Prelude." --(chorus numbers to be sung by all in the concert)
3. "Every Picture Painted" --Basil, painter of Dorian's portrait
4. "Somewhere In-between" --Dorian, searching for meaning in life
5. "Into The Sun" --Sibyl, the actress Dorian falls in love with
6. "Tragedy Has A Beauty" --Lord Henry, Dorian's cynical mentor
7. "Dorian's Dilemma" --Dorian, on seeing his picture's appearance changing
8. "Beware The Dreams" --Sibyl, leading up to her suicide
9. "The Black Cat Ballet" --Chorus, from Act One's Finale
10. "Explain That To My Heart" --Lily, proprietress of an opium den, falling in love with Dorian
11. "A Most Amusing Man" --Chorus, fawning over Lord Henry
12. "The Ballad of Reading Gaol" --James, Dorian's nemesis (lyrics by Oscar Wilde)

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