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More details about how to prepare for these auditions may be found HERE

All roles open for the first production of "Dorian-The Remarkable Mister Gray" based on Oscar Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Gray."

Multiple award winning Pentacle Theatre of Salem Oregon will host the launching of the new dramatic musical by Randy Bowser, April 18 – May 10, 2008.

This is a major new theatre piece with potential for national and internatonal recognition.

Seeking experienced singing actors with professional standards:

  • Dorian - 20-30 Lyric Baritone -Demanding central character
    ............AVERAGE RANGE: C3 to E4. ABSOLUTE RANGE: A2 to F#4.

  • Sibyl - 18-25 Soubrette Soprano -Tragic, Victorian ingenue
    ............AVERAGE RANGE: B3 to A5. ABSOLUTE RANGE: same.

  • Henry -30-60 Bass/Baritone - major role
    ............AVERAGE RANGE: A2 to C4. ABSOLUTE RANGE: G2 to Eb4.

  • Lily -20-40 Alto (in Mezzo range)- major role
    ............AVERAGE RANGE: B3 to E5. ABSOLUTE RANGE: B3 to F5 (G5 and A5 optional).

  • Basil - 30-50 Dramatic Baritone - major role
    ............AVERAGE RANGE: B2 to C4. ABSOLUTE RANGE: G2 to F#4.

  • James - 18-35 Baritone - major supporting role
    ............AVERAGE RANGE: B2 to D4. ABSOLUTE RANGE: same

  • Mrs. Vane - 50-70 Lyric Contralto - supporting role
    ............AVERAGE RANGE: C4 to C5. ABSOLUTE RANGE: A3 to E5

  • PLUS a company of 15 men and women of all vocal ranges.


    Auditions begin 1:00 PM, Saturday, January 5, 2008, at Pentacle Theatre's lobby.

    Pentacle Theatre
    324 52nd Ave. NW
    Salem, Oregon

    Click the picture for a sample music clip
    MARK PETRUZZI singing "Every Picture Painted" from "Dorian"

    And click HERE for a sample clip from "Somewhere In-between" sung by Dorian in the show.

    There will be additional auditions following Jan. 5th

    REHEARSALS DO NOT BEGIN UNTIL JANUARY 14, 2008 - The early auditions are so the company can begin work on the script and score prior to the first group rehearsals.

    Please send Photo/Resume to the theatre's OFFICE (NOT the same address as the theatre's physical location listed above):

    Pentacle Theatre
    145 Liberty St. NE, Ste. 102
    Salem, Oregon, 97301
    RE: "Dorian" auditions
    Performers must be able to commute to Salem if not a resident, or take up temporary residence.

    For more information click CONTACT tab above.

    Pentacle is a non-profit organization and a non-equity theatre.

    Pentacle encourages people of all ethnic backgrounds to apply.

    An original cast album will be recorded of the company for promoting the show on to the next level of exposure.


    Ages listed are only approximate age ranges that would be appropriate. Physical descriptions are the ideal only, and not necessary attributes for an actor to be considered. For instance, Dorian is ideally blonde, but an actor with dark hair would still be considered.


    Central protagonist. Anti-hero. Age 20-30. Unusually handsome. Blonde and blue eyed. Rich by inheritance. Well dressed and refined in manner. Average education and average intellect, with a dilettante’s interest in music. Not effeminate despite his breeding and appearance, he is naturally masculine in an unassuming way. His boyish but good manners, coupled with his striking appearance, causes people to be drawn to him. He’s vaguely aware of his power to attract and impress others, but doesn’t attribute much importance to it. However his vanity is sufficiently developed that once made to fear getting older, he’s obsessed with the idea of never aging. He is vaguely dissatisfied with his unremarkable life, and so becomes an easy target for Lord Henry’s attempts to influence him.

    His main goal at first is to find more meaning in life. Later it becomes to experience absolutely everything possible. Finally his goal is to rid himself of the guilty conscience he’s developed due to the hedonistic lifestyle he has adopted, and the cruel things he’s done to others.

    16 songs – 13 in which he sings a substantial portion – 3 are solos – 6 are duets


    Antagonist. 30-60. A nobleman, a dandy and playboy. Striking, well dressed, very rich. Carries his somewhat regal bearing with great ease and casualness. People are often intrigued by him even if they don’t like him, because his sparkling wit is ever flowing and he makes for very entertaining company. He’s made it an art to be a detached observer of life. He’s an arm chair philosopher who can too easily overlook how rude or cruel his observations can be. His friendships extend across all social spectrums. He enjoys his reputation of being on high society’s “A list” for dinner guests. He spends many an evening being the fascinating life of the party in London’s finest homes. Throughout, he remains supremely detached from life, and is aware that his personal tragedy is to remain an observer and commentator more than a participant in life.

    His major goal, once he meets Dorian, is to use the young man as an experiment – to see if Dorian can actually life live to its fullest, something which in reality Henry prevents himself from actually doing.

    10 songs - 6 in which he sings substantial portions – 1 solo – 3 duets


    Major role. 30-50. A very successful painter, specializing in portraits of the upper class. Somewhat introverted and conservative, he’s not especially comfortable with people, preferring to spend time in his garden studio. He is aware of the fickle nature of fame and is constantly concerned about losing his lucrative position in the public’s esteem. He virtually falls in love with Dorian as the inspirer of his best paintings. He is conflicted about what this attachment to Dorian means to him personally, never having felt such attachment to a man before.

    His major goal is to maintain his artistic integrity above all else.

    8 songs - 4 are solos - 3 are duets


    Major supporting role. 20-40. An attractive prostitute and proprietress of a pub/tavern/opium den. Almost miraculously uncalloused by the hard life she leads in the East End. Clever and tough. Not actually attached to the sub-culture of which she is a part. While appearing to be just as available as the girls who work for her, she actually doesn’t prostitute herself. Pragmatic, she sees nothing wrong with doing anything she can to survive short of having her own body violated. From the start she has a fascination for Dorian who she suspects could be a soul mate.

    Her Goal – to start a new life with Dorian. Once she sees that they’ve both become outcasts of society, she tries to convince him they belong together.

    7 songs – 1 is a major duet with Dorian


    Major supporting role. 18-25. Pretty, lower class. Sweet and romantic disposition, a bit immature for her age. Not very well educated. Became an actress on her mother’s insistence and because of a disarming honesty that she always displays on and off stage, she’s managed some minor degree of success on stage. She isn’t a dedicated artist though, and hopes to marry young and never need to work again.

    Her major goal is to live happily ever after with Dorian.

    4 songs – with major solo and duet sections in each (may also sing in the biggest chorus numbers)


    Major supporting role. 18-35. Sibyl’s sullen brother, extremely protective of his sister. Becomes a sailor out of desperation to make money and make more of his life, and to get away from his stifling home life.

    Major goal becomes to revenge his sister’s death, by killing Dorian.

    4 songs – 1 is substantially his solo (may also sing in the biggest chorus numbers)


    Supporting role. 50-7-. Mother of Sibyl and James. Once had a career as an actress in London’s East End. Desperate to secure a better life for her children. At first warns Sibyl about Dorian’s possibly dishonorable intentions, but is more impressed with Dorian’s money and status, and so encourages the liaison.

    Major goal – To live in better conditions, along with her daughter, through a fortuitous marriage.

    1 song – solos throughout (may also sing in the biggest chorus numbers)


    Supporting role. Non-singing. 20-40. Once a brilliant student at Cambridge University, now a fairly important chemist. Runs an apothecary shop. Met Dorian through a mutual interest in music, and for some time is part of Dorian’s social circle. Sad, depressed, and increasingly alcoholic. When he’s altered sufficiently by drugs and alcohol at The Black Cat Tavern, it’s easy for him to be seduced by the sado-masochistic sailor who approaches him there.

    Major goal – To discover a major break through in chemistry that will secure his future. Thwarted when Dorian blackmails him, at which point his goal becomes to completely cut himself off from Dorian’s influence.