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Life and Art
Tuesday, 7 October 2003
Support and Encouragement
Mood:  irritated
So I'm "in theatre." That's been my main preoccupation since forever.

So I am in a smallish city where the outlet for directing, acting, everything theatre---is an amateur community theatre.

So that's ok.

So it's good that it's a better than average theatre.

So do I find a happy, supportive arts community at this theatre, full of people who encourage each other and celebrate each other's work.

Um---in general, no.

Opening night this past week of the new show, "The Foreigner." One of the strongest shows I've ever seen at the theatre. Wildly successful cast, tight inventive direction. Kudos. I let them all know it was a theatre-affirming experience like I'm always hoping to have when I attend a play.

Who is scurrying out to the parking lot the second the show is over, with no words of praise for the well deserving company? The theatre's current president of the board.

Nice guy, often. Means well, usually.

But he leaves like that?

It's not the first time the board members have shown an utter non-comprehension of the importance of the theatre's volunteers. (see earlier blog posts and my website about the horrible fiasco revolving around an original cast CD)

Give me the actors, the volunteers, the people actually living the dream by putting their sweat and inspiration into good productions. Give me them--not out-of-touch governing boards who lose touch with the fundamental reason a theatre goup exists.

It's irritating. More, it's discouraging.

Wears me down, and I don't want to play anymore.

But I will play again. If not with this highly disfunctional group, then somewhere else--because I'm one of those people who Must continue creating theatre, the art form I resonate most with and which I've been given gifts of talent for.

Nothing's perfect. Some things, like this theatre group, are even less perfect than others.


Posted by rbowser at 10:17 AM PDT
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Friday, 3 October 2003
Love Makes My World Go 'Round
Mood:  amorous
One thought on my mind this morning:


Here, past the half way point in my life (53rd birthday coming up next week!) Love, in its real-deal, this-one's-forever, authentic, deep, profound, magical, completely WOW form has finally entered my life.

A year ago I met Kate, and ever since then, a day hasn't gone by when the two of us haven't looked at each other with thrilled amazement that we found each other.

We have both had numerous relationships before. Kate was married for a long time. I was in a "hippy"-style "marriage isn't important" relationship for 17 years with a wonderful woman.

But what Kate and I have found in each other is something different, new in our lives--we feel maybe we're late bloomers, but we finally Get It. LOVE makes new sense to us. We feel we must have been paired together way back at the creation of the Universe---just took us awhile to find each other.

Certainly puts everything else in one's life in a different perspective. Sure, I can get hung up in issues and problems, such as the ones mentioned so far in this blog---but this morning it struck me, the most important thing I haven't talked about before in these entries is that the perspective I have on theatre hassles and Everything else in my life is completely different now that Kate is in my life.

Love. Don't leave home without it.

That's all ---I want to proceed with my morning feeling my facial muscles happily stuck in a smile as I think of Kate and the precious thing we have together.

Bless everyone, everywhere, and especially my darling, Kate.


Posted by rbowser at 9:07 AM PDT
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Wednesday, 1 October 2003
More On Theatre
Mood:  not sure
Humm. Not coming to the blog as often as I thought I might when I started it recently.

Am I writing for myself, regardless if nobody ese ever sees my entries, or am I wanting an audience? Not sure.
My life-long experience in community theatres is a microcosm of experience in the larger stage of "Life." The joys, the sorrows, the struggles, the conflicts, the discoveries---and most on my mind these days, the in-politics.

When it comes to thinking of other people finding my blog, I know other theatre people would understand my story best---but I would hope non-theatre would recognize that in my particular slice of the world, I go through the same kind of "stuff" that people everywhere go through, in whatever pursuits they're involved in.

I know that it's always between-the-lines where a true story is to be read--a story that even the writer isn't totally aware of.

So on my various theatre-related websites, I know there's a story to be gleaned.

Here's the portal to those sites of mine:

That's my personal introductory page, providing a partial snapshot of who I am, and it's a jumping off point to sites about the productions of "HAiR" "Metropolis" and other shows I've directed.

For ten years I've been very active in my home town's community theatre, and for most of that time I felt I was stepping into the shoes of my old theatre mentor who transformed theatre in the town where he lives.

But there has always been a friction going on between me and the members of the theatre who have been entrenched there for many more years than me.

There has always been a degree of suspicious competitiveness directed towards me. I'm sure that due in large to my own psychological profile, I never managed, even after 10 years, to shake off the "new kid on the block" feeling.

Hum. Over morning coffee, I'm finding out what's on my mind.
Go take a look at the above link. In particular see the site about "Metropolis", my mot recent directing project. Quite a mix of feeling a great sense of accomplishment in connection with that show, along with an unpleasant feeling of defeat.

Going on with my day. If you've discovered this meandering and perhaps rather mysterious blog, I'd be interested in seeing a comment left by you.



Posted by rbowser at 7:11 AM PDT
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Friday, 26 September 2003
Politics In Community Theatre
I used to maintain a daily journal. For years I wrote down my thoughts over my morning cup of coffee.

Eventually, it just seemed self indulgent, and I dropped the long time habit of keeping up the journal.

I have no idea if anyone will actually see this new online journal I've started, but it appeals to me to have a place where I can again begin days, at least once in awhile, by writing a journal entry.

What is still very much on my mind these days is the strange experience I've had with the community theatre where I've been highly active for ten years now.

I've directed 9 shows at the theatre, and acted in several. All those experiences were personally rewarding, even when there were momentary negative aspects to them. The public especially was extremely receptive to my work, and I gained a reputation in town for producing high quality work.

Last time I wrote in here, I said I'd post the link to pages that go into detail about the very disappointing experience I've had this year with the theatre--the issue still weighing on my mind.

Those interested in community theatre, and of how the machinations of "inside politics" can blacken the atmosphere even on the small scale of a smallish city---you may find this complicated story interesting.

For now, I'll refer you to a starting point on one of my sites:

From there one can uravel the whole story of how a great idea became a hotly contested issue in our community theatre--one which has left me alienated from the group I was once so active with.

Yeah---that's what I have to say for now.

Take care, whoever happens to find this blog.

Randy Bowser

Posted by rbowser at 7:16 AM PDT
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Wednesday, 17 September 2003
Fear and Loathing in Salem Oregon
September 17, 2003

The long and strange trip of the "Metropolis" original cast CD fiasco keeps unfolding, like a thrill ride taking sudden and unexpected twists and turns.

Only there isn't much "thrill" in this particular ride.

Trying out this blogging thing as a quicker way of keeping myself and interested parties updated. Easier than constant edits on my websites.


Not everyone taking a look at this blog will even know what the CD is all about.

Must attempt a more succinct summation than what is currently scattered around my "Metropolis" website.

Next entry--I'll try to capsulize things.

For those who already know about "the CD that almost was",--stand by. You'll soon see a collection of letters which will make clear, once and for all, that something very rank has happened here in Salem.

Must get on with my day, but will return soon to lift the veil on everything mentioned above.

Randy Bowser

Posted by rbowser at 8:42 AM PDT
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