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HAiR Press Release

HAiR, the rock musical soon to open at The Pentacle Theatre in Salem is attracting national attention.

Michael Butler, the "American Tribal Love-Rock Musical"s original Broadway producer will be at The Pentacle on opening night. He will be on hand afterwards in the theatre's lobby for signing autographs and for an informal "Q and A."

Jim Rado, surviving co-author and original star of "HAiR" is also planning to attend. He has been conferring with The Pentacle's "HAiR" director, Randy Bowser, on his yet un-published version of the script. Years of accumulated notes, sharpening and focusing the lyrics and dialogue of the legendary musical, are now in the hands of Bowser and his "tribe" of actors. Rado's personal interest in the production is providing the writer a try-out of his new material before he has his publisher print new scripts.

Walter Michael Harris, original "HAiR" co-star on Broadway, and other of the show's alumnae will be attending this long awaited revival of the landmark "hippie musical."

Boasting many blockbuster '60's song hits such as "Aquarius" "Easy To Be Hard" "Hair" "Good Morning Starshine" and "Let The Sunshine", Bowser is excited for audiences of all ages to discover that this show which featured the first breakthrough of rock music on Broadway, is much more than a cute nostalgia piece.

The production maintains the original's 1968 setting, complete with all the tumultuous social upheaval that inspired the creation of the daring show. No punches were pulled then, and they won't be in this production.

It must be noted that there is adult content in the show, and that parents are encouraged to attend with their teens.

Because of the cast's youth, the infamous but unscripted and brief nudity included on Broadway will not be a part of this production. Bowser is in agreement with many "HAiR" experts that this at-the-time stage innovation never really added to the show's effectiveness and is easily left out. He doesn't see this as a compromise, but rather an improvement.

With a famous exciting score, the most avant-garde script ever presented on Broadway, and with Butler, Rado, Harris and others on hand at The Pentacle's revival---a vivid and very "hairy" time is guaranteed for all.

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