a new york construction worker volunteering to help at the wtc

as you continue your life
and continue it you must
remember that beyond the chaos
love is spinning life anew
from now and past infinity

honor the dead
celebrate the living
root out the evil and shake off its withering touch

new photos of The PENTACLE Theatre

chorus of a song heard on Prairie Home Companion
Oct. 13, 2001

"every time I try to sleep
I'm haunted by the sound
of fireman running up the stairs
as we were running down"

HAiR Poster

HAiR 2000 Rado, Ragni, MacDermot

The Willamette Tribe

Performed HAiR at

Link To Pentacle Theatre

in Salem, Oregon, Sept and Oct of 2000

the town was taken on a ride like it had never been on before

Go take a look~~and...

Strands of HAiR


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Nina Dayton's HAiR archives

Help save The Biltmore Theatre
home of HAiR on Broadway

Click on Jason Hoover burning sparklers before the show
for a slide show
of the nightly post-curtain call celebration

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For everyone involved in HAiR in Salem, it was the time of our lives. The magic of "HAiR" lives on.

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