for HAiR at Pentacle Theatre

Photographs, drawings, animations, and film clips projected with the rear-screen projection system used as a backdrop centerpiece for HAiR.

Robert Altman, the great Rolling Stones photographer gave special permission for the use of several of his famous 1960's photographs. Permission was sought and granted for images whenever it was feasible to do so. Others were created with computer graphic programs.

Psychedelic Kaleidoscope as the audience entered

Protest crowd as "The Lecturer" began

Woodstock babies

Be-In dancing

black and white hands stacked together

closeup of clasped hands and people in daisy chain in background


the following images flickered by in under a minute while an intense "orchestra winding up" sound ala The Beatles' "Day In The Life" played, and The Lecturer was transformed into Berger circa 1968.

The effect was of a time machine, zooming us from the present to three decades back.

Turn of the 21st Century fireworks with CNN logo, ending with The Pope

President Clinton---cigar appears in his mouth

Jon Benet

OJ Simpson

satirical Clinton parade float

Michael Jackson


Tonya Harding

riot control police in China

bug eyed "Communion" alien


Gulf War

President Bush

earthquake in San Francisco

Wall Street

Judge Thomas

house on fire

Berlin wall being demolished

President Reagan

Oliver North

Halley's Comet

Pee Wee Herman

a street gang member


Space Shuttle Challenger explosion

President Carter

Three Mile Island

a volcano

Reggie Jackson

John Lennon

President Ford

Ford with Brezhnikev

President Nixon

Nixon leaving the White House


Kent State

protester in a shroud

Woodstock crowd

President Johnson with soldiers

Martin Luther King and LBJ

Herbert Hoover

bombs over Vietnam

dead bodies in Vietnam

a peace button

John Lennon with a rose

protest poster satirizing "The Great Society"

Walter Michael Harris's brother Hyacinth putting flowers in rifle

helicopter in vietnam

LBJ looking weary on the phone

---------end of "time warp"-----------

full moon as "Aquarius" began

rainbow peace symbol melting onto full moon

hippies sitting in formation of a peace symbol

painting of Aquarius the water bearer

The Statue of Liberty---and waving for "Donna"

Mother Mary and Baby Jesus---and winking for the end of "Donna"

girl with hash pipe at Woodstock for "Hashish"

Sistene Chapel ceiling for "Sodomy"

the lyrics of "Sodomy"

were projected for a second time through the song with the whole Tribe and audience joining in

sodomy--fellatio--cunnilingus--pederasty--father--why do these--NASTY--masturbation--can be fun--join--Kama Sutra--everyooooooone

Jimi Hendrix multiple image ala Andy Warhol---and changing colors for "Colored Spade"

foreign film montage For the middle section of "Manchester England" there was a series of 22 pictures, each movie frame with sprocket holes visible on the sides

Without detailing them all, suffice to say that films of Fellini, Antonioni, and Polanski were represented, coming up on the screen in time to the music.

Timothy Leary smiling still "Manchester

a Moire pattern spiraling for the ending choru of "Manchester"

black and white photo under a freeway bridge for "Ain't Got No"

a stop sign for "Dead End"

Martin Luther King double image for the freedom rally ending of "Dead End"

Art Noveau poster of a woman for Sheila's entrance

Freedom March poster as the KKK enters

soldier in Vietnam wearing peace medallion during the Peace Now chant

soldier in Vietnam with guitar on his back

Protest Poster Series

during "Ain't Got No Grass"--all authentic from the period, impossible to describe each

The Pop Culture Section

explosion of '60's images also impossible to describe---computer animation had pictures sliding in, overlapping, twirling off, piling up.

Some images seen were Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Batman, Gort the Robot, Jesus, Armstrong on the moon, Burton and Taylor in "Cleopatra"

nose, extreme close up angle for "Air"