"HAiR" Opening Night At Pentacle Theatre

The Band Grabs Some Photo Ops

Sept 22nd, 2000, in the lobby of The Pentacle Theatre, Salem, Oregon.

Michael Strahan (drummer) and Vic Lund (bass player) of "The Electric Incense"---the band for HAiR, say howdy to the show's co-author, James Rado.

Michael and Vic meet Broadway producer of HAiR, Michael Butler.

Frank Fullerton (guitar) and Pam Prosise (percussion) were elsewhere when these photos were taken---probably talking with original HAiR cast member Walter Michael Harris.

Click the vintage peace button to see a psychedelic poster for our band, "The Electric Incense."


For photos of Walter Michael Harris, Jim Rado, and The Willamette Tribe with Carina and Chantal from the Argentina production of HAIR---Click HERE

Strands of HAiR