Chantal and Carina from Argentina

caught some opening night moments when they too were at The Pentacle to celebrate HAiR

Here is Carina with WALTER MICHAEL HARRIS from the original Broadway production of HAiR, and some Willamette Tribe ladies who smothered WMH with peace and Looooove!

Carina, Ann Cruz, Walter Michael Harris, Dawneka Patterson, and Heathre Powell

Chantal, JIM RADO, Ann, and Carina

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ONE Chantal with our Bus

TWO Chantal, Jon Miho, Randy Bowser, Carina

THREE Group of Tribe members with Chantal and Carina

FOUR Melissa Turner, Ann, Chantal, Jason Hoover, Whitney Coffey

FIVE Carina, Jeff Sanders (Claude), Heathre, Chantal

SIX Ann with Frederic Roy who was on his way with Jim Rado to play Berger in Italy!

Carina was 'Sheila' in Juan Ferretti's production of HAiR in Argentina, 1999, and Chantal was also in that Tribe.

THANK YOU LADIES for gracing our opening night!

Strands of HAiR