Comments about METRO-Cast-CD-poll This play was awesome! I have been waiting for months for this to take place. I bought the 1989 soundtrack which is excellent. But it can't surpass how awesome this group in Salem did! Please proceed with making this album! Mandy Rebel I saw the show at Pentacle several times and found it thrilling. A peak experience in live theatre. I have been waiting impatiently for the opportunity to own this CD! Release the CD. Let the community relive this rare experience. What's the deal? Pentacle said this was coming out ages ago! I can not wait to listen to your production of Metropolis Metropolitans! Revolt against the Machines that enslave us. Release the CD! It's sad that after all the work that went into this it has been delayed for so long. I know of at least 5 people that want to buy the CD!! There have been at least 30 people who told me they'd snatch up a CD in a flash. What's the hang up? Greetings from the UK. Simon Bennett here showing support for all the hard work done by Randy and the cast and crew of Metropolis at the Pentacle. This would only be the second ever official cast recording of Metropolis and would go down an absolute storm. I know at least half a dozen people who would snatch up a copy in my town alone and most of us didn`t even see the show, such is our faith in the final product. Dress Circle the specialist mail order shop in London sells worldwide and I am sure they would be very interested and indeed have a great demand for such a CD. Board of Directors - don`t be blinkered on this ! Just locally this well deserved release would turn a profit but internationally a cast album release handled correctly could make money for the Pentacle for years to come whilst bringing the theatre recognition and respect like the West Yorkshire Playhouse in England with `Martin Guerre` or the Paper Mill Playhouse in New Jersey for `Children Of Eden`. Its time to bring the Theatre out of the woods people... Randy - The `wav` sounds awesome, rock on !! Best wishes to all. A NOTE FROM WEB MASTER RANDY BOWSER: Simon Bennett's wonderful input on this poll message board was written without him knowing that the CD, unfortunately, cannot be made available for internet sales. It's much appreciated that Metropolis fans world-wide would like to hear and own this new version of Joe Brook's fabulous musical, but our contract only allows CD sales here in Salem, Oregon---assuming that "the powers that be" finally allow release of this much-clamored-for cast album. Comments about METRO-Cast-CD-poll I am ready to buy at least three copies and to give two as gifts. Please release it soon!! I am completely against the making of this CD. Although the cast and crew were brilliant, the director is egotistical, and narcisitic. The release of this CD would only add to the ballooning head that he already posesses. I believe the motives behind the release of the CD have become more about hyping the show and the director - and less about trying to raise money for the Pentacle theatre. I think releasing this CD under the name of the Pentalce theatre tarnishes the image Pentalce has worked to build for the past 50 years. As a member of Pentalce theatre - i feel the director of this project is an embarrassment to our theatre. I fully support the Pentacle Board in stalling this project. Note from the editor, Randy Bowser: PLEASE READ comment #12 (when viewing the list after clicking "see all comments"). This is the kind of personal attack which has previously only been stated in private by Board members as the "reason" for cancelling the project. Dear disgruntled, I am left to wonder why you and some others feel so threatend by innovation and change. I lose more faith and interest in the PENTACLE theater and its future productions every day. Do you forget how Pentacle's public image is effected the longer we go without a product? Those of us that worked HUNDREDS of hours for FREE on the original show and subsequent cd have been committed to community and a desire to share our unique experience (that we ALL created) with the Salem community. Of course pride is involved here, we should ALL be proud of what we accomplished in this show - it was DAMN FINE. Don't make the METROPOLIS experience and the theater's image and future suffer becuase of your own fear and jealousy. Release the CD. I applaud the individual who was brave enough to voice an opposing opinion in this "pro-CD/pro Randy Bowser" propaganda BS. As a theatre member, I also oppose this project and support the Pentacle Board's decision to not finance it. C'mon Mr. Bowser, for once let the truth be told!! If this project has been stalled,(supporters take note of this) it is due to Mr. Bowser himself. Why isnt he persuing financing from other sources if he wants the CD completed so badly? Or financing it himself? And given the blatant Pentacle and Board bashing that Mr. Bowser has engaged in through his comments and postings on this site, why on earth would anywone expect the board to change their mind? Makes no sense, Mr. Bowser to bite the hand that you want to feed you. A word of caution, Mr. Bowser. You may want to re-think some of your comments posted on here regarding the Pentacle Board. A few of them could border on libel. Note from web-master Randy Bowser: PLEASE ALL READ comment #15. Like an earlier comment left here, also anonymously, it demonstrates that there are folks against the CD project because they have a problem with me, forgetting entirely that the project is the labor of theatre volunteers and was an incredibly generous and unique offer from Metropolis composer Joe Brooks. This new message is also very ill informed. I DO have outside backing for the CD. When financing the project became an issue, I quickly and easily gathered the money from individuals. But the Board doesn't seem to even want the completely strings-free gift of over $2,000 to the Capital Campaign which the CD sales would generate for the theatre. I am not aware of writing anything on my website which is other than the facts as they have been given me by the Board. Nothing vaguely libelous has ever been written or said by me anywhere. Nay-sayers like this are indulging in embarrassingly transparent "projection." If they were in my shoes, they fear they would have "ballooned heads" and have an ego problem. I on the other hand have simply lent thousands of hours to Pentacle for producing very popular shows, have generated outstanding publicity for the theatre, and it gives me pleasure to have succeeded at those things. People in my position usually do garner disdain from the envious. I'm afraid I can't save them from themselves. Meanwhile, this CD was a very simple proposition which any other theatre in the country would have been thrilled to participate in. The power of distrust, hate, and envy are always destructive, and in the case of this project, has completely distorted things so that the CD is no longer about the hard working cast and the theatre which deserves the attention. Most importantly, I reiterate, I DO HAVE THE BACKING. What is the excuse now from the Board? P.S. Every post I have authored on this poll, I have signed. "Dear disgruntled" was written by a cast member who very discouraged by the petty politics! of this community theatre. Hard to blame him. Finally - some voiced support against this damn CD project that Bowser is so obsessed with. Why dont people support Bowser? Well thats a great question. Maybe Randy should do some soul searching...Maybe Randy needs to look inside himself to figure out why people are against him, and the CD is supported by the MINORITY! Not the Majority. On this website - Bowser says that we who oppose the CD are jealous, and envious of his success. Only the cockiest of Narcisists is as full of himself as Bowser. Someone who is constantly patting themself on the back, and reminding people of how great his shows have been, and what he has done for us, the Pentacle theatre. As I have stated in my 1st posting, Bowser is nothing but an embarrassment to this theatre. Hey Randy - ever think of this - We dont want you here. Didnt you say you were leaving? Wasnt Metropolis your last show here? What happened to New York City? Broadway? Directing some obscure show? Wasnt that in the works somewhere? Oh - those werent successes for you? So we dont hear about them? By all means continue to praise yourself, and the work you have accomplished. Those of us living in reality know the truth, we just wish you were gone, like you said in the paper you would be. Until that very day - I will work tirelessly to make sure you know your place, your not some theatre GOD. You are not well respected and all the crap you put up on these sites ... well has truly tarnished what little good reputation you had. Sorry thats the truth. Note from Randy B. PLEASE ALL READ COMMENT #17. Another anonymous post from the same person who keeps adding "No" votes. What does his hatred for me have to do with the CD project volunteers worked 5 months on--?? THE CD STORY This comment board has gotten pretty crazy. I would like everyone to click HERE to get more details about this whole CD fiasco, as I understand it.--Randy Bowser To those that have so vocally expressed their negative opinions in this inappropriate location: You do not have the right to speak as though you represent the Pentacle Theatre volunteer group as a whole, whatever your personal opinion might be. Each one of us is an individual and our personal opinions are our own. If you wish to make a comment, be bold enough to speak it in your own voice and to the person you have a problem with. Don't hide behind the mask of "we" of the Pentacle nameplate in an anonymous forum in words of anger. Personally, I find it offensive that ANY fellow members of the Pentacle volunteer group would slander other members in the way you have attempted. This is both a childish and immature act of hate and will in no way benefit the Theatre during its time of need (It also produces bad Karma). I believe it was Jo Dodge that says - "Theater is about community" - I'll add "and everyone is equally important". If you truly care about the continuation of the Theatre, then work as passionately, but peacefully to find creative solutions to bring in the operational funding for repairs and continuation. Lastly, do not be afraid of change. Each of us can and should work to protect yourselves and the Theatre in new ventures, but in doing so we should actively look into ALL possibilities to help achieve the funding that is needed to preserve what is important. Let each one of us be open-minded enough to do this and let go of any petty bickering or grudges. This issue shouldn't be about people's opinions of each other, this is about a product. Let's show some respect for each other and get some real work done. Best Wishes for Peaceful Resolution and Cool-Rags for Hot-Tempers, Jonathan Pedersen Comments about METRO-Cast-CD-poll Randy, if you indeed have the funding to produce this CD, then do it. We want our CD!! So what if Pentacle doesnt want to finance it or be involved. Fine, who cares. Leave them out of it. They snooze, they loose. If this project is truly about getting the great performances of the amazing cast/crew produced and available for the public, why are you waiting? Who's stalling now? WE WANT OUR CD!! EXCELLENT QUESTION from the most recent visitor. The CD issue is clearly not understood by most people. I tried to explain details HERE (go to link), but let me briefly outline here: --EVEN WITH THE FUNDING WHICH I DO INDEED HAVE---the Board has to approve the project. Why?--- --Because the contract with Joe Brooks ONLY allows the CD to be made and sold as a fund raiser for Pentacle Theatre. There is absolutely no other way it will be allowed. --The contract also explicitly states THE ONLY way the CD may sold is through Pentacle, in the lobby and at the ticket office. To do that, the Board has to approve. --Anyone who still hasn't signed a waiver must do so before the CD can legally be mass-produced. SO---I know the situation has been confusing, and many side issues have made it even more so. But the point is that even with funding, this MUST be a Pentacle project, as outlined above, as per the requirements of the ONLY contract Joe Brook's company will allow.--Randy Bowser I address my posting to whomever is visiting this site and leaving negative comments about Randy. My primary comment is that the person hiding behind a "theatrical" mask needs to stop being a coward and state his or her name. If they don't want to come out of a coward's hiding place, then they need to call/write or confront Randy personally, not address personal feelings in this forum. It is very easy to "spout-off" or "flame" someone when one is in hiding. This person is showing their ignorance in how they deal with their problems and that is sad. Also, to bring up the term narcissism without really knowing what the term means (or even spelling it correctly) is shallow and shows lack of knowledge/information. I say, "come out, come out, wherever you are" or keep your comments to yourself. Your comments don't apply to the topic being addressed, period. Personal feelings for Randy have nothing to do with the release of a CD, and the comments made about Randy are neither pertinent nor appropriate, and are just ugly. -Melissa K. Turner TECHNICAL PROBLEM.The poll hasn't been functioning properly for a week. People who have tried to vote "Yes" have been unable to, but the person returning time and again to add another "No" has been able to add the vote. Due to the poll not functioning properly, and the way at least one disturbed individual has twisted this public forum into a personal vendetta against me, I will need to remove this poll soon, unless the Tripod tech support are able to fix the voting mechanism. If it is fixed, hopefully anyone who still has an on-topic comment to make about the CD will still be able to. Meanwhile, for those confused about the long delay on the CD project, please see other posts from here on the poll where I try to explain what has happened. -Randy Bowser