The "Metropolis" cast CD
Special permission was granted for Pentacle Theatre™ to record the cast of "Metropolis" and sell the CD as a fund raiser for the theatre.

Everyone from the show participated, and after many months of dedicated volunteer work, an excellent quality recording was produced.

But the CD is not being sold to the public as originally planned.

Unfortunately, Pentacle Theatre's™ governing board ultimately decided to cancel the project, for reasons that have never been made clear.

On this site there are various pages about the convoluted CD story, some of which is a blog written while the board's 7 month debate continued.

The rambling collection of reports about the CD are primarily of interest only to people involved at Pentacle Theatre™, and possibly other theatre people interested in the kind of challenges that community theatres face.

I invite the casual visitor to explore the site which has information about the original film "Metropolis" is based on, and the theatre's production of the newly revised musical.

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