CD Wrap-Up

from Randy Bowser

Dear Pentacle Board members,

I sincerely thank you for your consideration of the "Metropolis" CD project.

Thanks are due especially to Dave who put in a prolonged and special effort.

The CD would have been a wonderful thing for the theatre in many ways. It would have been an innovative fund-raising tool, a foray into another art form, unique in Pentacle's history and a volunteer effort that included youths of varied age groups.

All these points could have been used to positively influence the grant application process for the theatre, beyond any monies that may have been garnered, risk free, by Pentacle Theatre from the CD sales.

In answer to many inquiries from the Metro cast and the public, I did my best to pass on what limited information I had about the CD's status.

It's unfortunate that anyone on the Board took offense at my attempts to explain the situation, and at my candid expression of my frustration with this process.

It is most unfortunate that, as stated clearly in the letter I received yesterday, an emotional response to me was the deciding factor in the organizational decision.

At least, it is now finally clear that the CD was considered My project rather than that of a group of dedicated Pentacle volunteers, and that this was a primary factor in the final decision.

I find your judgment on this matter lamentable, but acknowledge that you have the final word on the issue.

I thank you for the many hours that you devoted to this process.

Randy Bowser